Feel free to read about all the previous events we have worked at.

Please note: these are only the ones I could remember enough detail about, we have worked on 25+ events in the last couple of years.

Previous Events...

70th Birthday Party

This was in October 2017, working along another DJ company as a DJ assistant. While it was a 70th birthday party, we were able to get the crowd dancing and kept the dance floor full for the large majority of the celebration. Unfortunately, I don't have any good quality pictures from this event however it was a very nice venue (Richmond Hill Hotel).

Christmas Party

This was one of my favourite events. Although it was hard to get the guests dancing initially (it was a very small gathering of around 20 guests), after a few hits, all the guests were on the dance floor enjoying the night.

Please see the short video on the side for some of the highlights of the event.

Valentine Disco

This was a late Valentine disco at a local secondary school. While there wasn't too many students in the big hall, the atmosphere was great and everyone had a good time!

Please see the short video on the side for some of the highlights of the event.

Fundraising Concert

So while this wasn't a disco, we got asked by the same school that we did the Valentine Disco at to provide the whole audio and lighting set up. It was an incredible night in the aid of Bowel Cancer UK. The school managed to fundraise £1200 which all went to Bowel Cancer UK, which is an amazing achievement!

The concert was a tribute to the deputy head teacher, who is currently fighting Stage IV bowel cancer and raising awareness and money for Bowel Cancer UK.